What you should know about the ClearPlex® invisible windshield protection film?

What is ClearPlex® invisible windshield protection film?

ClearPlex® is a patent-pending film applied to the exterior surface of a windshield, preventing damage. ClearPlex® is virtually invisible, providing optical clarity and 99% UV protection.

Why should customers install ClearPlex®?

ClearPlex® provides three main benefits:

  • Impact resistance against normal road hazards
  • UV stabilizers which reduce vehicke heat, prolongigng interior life
  • Providing better visibility in case of rain and bad circumstance.

Will ClearPlex® impair the driver’s vision?

No. ClearPlex® is optically clear and guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow for the warranted life of the product. When installed properly, ClearPlex® is virtually invisible.

Is ClearPlex® scratch resistant?

Yes. Our hard-coated film features much the same scratch resistant qualities as glass and will protect against normal abrasion – including windshield wipers.

Will ClearPlex® remain adhered to the windshield?

The adhesive is strong enough that high-power car wash streams do not cause the film to lift from the windshield.

Is ClearPlex® permanent?

No. ClearPlex® is a film that protects the windshield from harsh conditions that often break or chip standard windshields. Being a film, ClearPlex® should occasionally be removed and replaced to provide the best protection for the windshield. The need and timing to replace the film is dependent upon the miles driven and the conditions in which those miles are accumulated.

How is ClearPlex® removed or replaced?

ClearPlex® uses a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the windshield, but at the same time the adhesive is not permanent. If the Invisible Windshield Protection Film needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed by using a semi-sharp instrument, such as a knife blade, key, etc., to lift up one corner of the film. Then, by pulling the film with constant pressure, the film will come off of the windshield. Any adhesive remaining on the windshield is removed with a basic soap and water washing of the windshield. New ClearPlex® can then be installed on the clean windshield.

Does ClearPlex® offer a warranty?

Yes. ClearPlex® Corporation offers a one-year or 20 000 km limited warranty on all ClearPlex® products. Details of the warranty are found in the warranty document.

Can anyone install ClearPlex® on the windshield?

No, it can be installed just by certified installer. Otherwise the vehicle cannot go to the traffic officially. The film is licensed by the National Traffic Authority and can be issued only by certified installer.

Can I purchase just ClearPlex® windshield protection film without installing it?

Yes, you can, although as you can read the previous statement you are not allowed to install it on your vehicle by your own. Certainly you can utilise it on other surfaces than cars.

How much does a front windshield film cost?

It around between 190 euro and 290 euro. ( net price. labour and material)

The cost depends on the size.

Can I take my car in the rain?

Only at your own risk.

The film is installed with water technology and the edge of the film can easily detach.