ClearPlex© invisible windshield protection film from the Nortek Ltd.

Windshield protection film against stonechips

ClearPlex© protection film against stonechips helps you to provide complex protection for your vehicle.

Windshield protection film

In everyday transportation we and our vehicle have to face many hazards especially in case of the windshield.

ClearPlex® is the first and only optically-clear protection film for vehicle windshields, which has valid Hungarian and Czech permit thereby it can be legally applied on the outside of the front windshield! The film is a patent-pending innovation. The exclusive distributor of ClearPlex® windshield protection film is Nortek Ltd.

  • protect your windshield from demage

  • protect your driver and your family from the risk of windshield damage

  • reduce the risk of windshield damage

  • protect the interior of the car and yourself from UV radiation providing 99% UV protection

  • be the part of your vehicle safety system

  • make your vehicle protection system complete

  • reduce the operating cost of your fleet

  • reduce the lost time caused by repairing or replacing the windshield

  • Available 92cm, 122cm, 152cm, and 182cm widht rolls

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The hammer test on the windshield

(1.hit: without foil, 2.hit: with foil)